Version 5.2 of PipeMan was developed, tested, and released for Tanspetrol project. The leak detection method were improved including dynamic simulation and pressure wave method. 

A new unique portable leak detection system was developed for MOL pipelines in cooperation with Yokagawa Hungary. It can be mounted on the existing MOL pipelines to improve performance of the MOL leak detection system.

Version 5.1 of PipeMan was developed, tested, and released for the Mero project. It includes the PipeMan trunk applications with leak detection, batch tracking and custom applications extending the PipeMan functionality including a web based Content Management System (CMS).

The PipeMan training simulator application was updated for the MERO project. The simulator is able to simulate pipeline hydraulics including all instrumentation as well as all PLC/RTU programs. It enables training of SCADA staff in a controlled, offline, environment. The trainer can prepare scenarios to simulate normal conditions or extraordinary situations including, for example pipe leaks.

A completely new unique stuck pig locator application was developed by the PipeMan team and tested on a real pipeline with our customer. The pig locator helps to locate a pig/scraper stuck in the pipeline and determine its position. This application is being further developed to extend its use online with real time data together with other PipeMan modules e.g. LDS or Batch tracking.

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