PipeMan 5.0 is built with over 20 years of experience acquired on many projects. This experience makes PipeMan not only more sensitive, accurate, but also very reliable and stable without losing great flexibility. PipeMan is now top performing pipeline application system. Here are its main advantages:

  • PipeMan can be deployed by trained SCADA engineer - The latest version was developed respecting SCADA engineer thinking. Its configuration and tuning are as close as possible to SCADA. PipeMan can even be fully integrated into SCADA system utilizing the SCADA system screens for presentation of calculation results.
  • Set of LDS methods covering all ranges of conditions - Previous versions of PipeMan leak detection offered sensitive, accurate and reliable methods and now these methods have been further improved with new ideas based on the latest PipeMan team research based on operational systems.
    The latest methods improvements are summarized as follows.:
    • method arbiter - a new method in PipeMan 5.0 which summarizes results from all methods, analyses them and presents to the user processed data with statistical analysis of leak probability. It also provides additional information including leak location coordinates on a map
    • dynamic simulation method - better leak location accuracy and sensitivity by using more instruments from the protected section
    • volume balance method - improved reliability by also handling semi-transient conditions
    • pressure wave method - mproved statistical analysis for better recognition of leak patterns
    • pressure drop method - new sub-method added to improve sensitivity while keeping the reliability
  • Batch tracking system including batch scheduling - Batch tracking can be adapted to virtually any project. It provides:
    • one or two levels of batch entities i.e. batches only or parcels with batches
    • interface and intermix calculations
    • meter tickets
    • API/ASTM flow calculations
    • many standard reports and custom regular or on demand reports
  • Barebone system to extend SCADA or OPC server with custom functions - PipeMan core can be used as a barebone SCADA system with no methods deployed. It includes math expressions and the Python scripting language which has access to all configured points and model entities. This can be used to read values, process them and write them back to SCADA points and by this mean extend SCADA functionality. Alternatively PipeMan can be connected directly to OPC servers or directly with industry standard protocols to the RTU/PLC and can process data with no need of SCADA. For small, low cost projects this can provide an enhanced calculation base for third party OPC servers.
  • Special test and analytical tools - two of them are in particular use - TrendViewer and PipelineSimulator. The first is good for viewing, analysing historical data and eventually replay of this data in an off-line system for testing. The second can be used to simulate data and test the whole system during the configuration and factory testing.
  • Built-in duty standby system - PipeMan system offers built in duty/standby functions including data replication between redundant servers.
  • Independent event and alarm system - events and alarms of PipeMan are stored independently. They can be viewed and managed through a web interface or integrated into another application.
  • Custom module or customization of existing module - many times it is necessary to build a system differing from the standard version or develop completely new modules. With PipeMan it is easier to do than with most other application software.
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