The PipeMan training simulator application was updated for the MERO project. The simulator is able to simulate pipeline hydraulics including all instrumentation as well as all PLC/RTU programs. It enables training of SCADA staff in a controlled, offline, environment. The trainer can prepare scenarios to simulate normal conditions or extraordinary situations including, for example pipe leaks.

A completely new unique stuck pig locator application was developed by the PipeMan team and tested on a real pipeline with our customer. The pig locator helps to locate a pig/scraper stuck in the pipeline and determine its position. This application is being further developed to extend its use online with real time data together with other PipeMan modules e.g. LDS or Batch tracking.

The pipeline simulator was completely redesigned to support multiple pipelines and it is now called the PipeMan leak simulator. It offers a simple graphical pipeline network configuration interface including simulation settings for each individual component. The configured project can be also saved for the later use.

A new version of the PipeMan simple pipeline simulator has been released. It has enhanced simulation features and output options. The simulator can be used for testing of the system before deployment on site when real data from the pipeline is available. It simulates temperatures, pressures, flows including the simulation of data noise. Users can also add equipment such as valves and pumps. The most important simulation feature provided is leak simulation.

The new main-stream version of PipeMan 5.0 was deployed on the MOL Hungary project. Version 5.0 includes PipeMan modules for liquid leak detection and batch tracking. In addition a challenging new custody transfer module was developed for this project. The custody transfer module integrates different flow calculations, flow metering and dozens of advanced reports. The user interface of PipeMan 5.0 is completely web based.

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